Review of Practicing History by Barbara Tuchman

Practicing History:  Selected Essays - Barbara W. Tuchman

I really loved this book of essays by Barbara Tuchman.  The early essays discussing the practice of the writing of history were outstanding.  It makes me want to leave my job teaching high school history and become a researcher and writer of history.  I could not have enjoyed those essays more.  The later essays are all pulled from magazine and newspaper writings (as well as transcripts of speeches) of Tuchman, and they deal with historical events, current political events of her time, book reviews, etc...  I loved reading her opinions and how she based them all in history.  She was not afraid to give her thoughts and she backed them up forcefully and persuasively.  I wish she were still alive today, although I am fairly certain that she would not appreciate the lack of leadership she would see from our government over the past two decades.