Review of The Wright Brothers by David McCullough

The Wright Brothers - David McCullough

I honestly had no interest in reading about the Wright brothers, but since this was the latest David McCullough offering, I eagerly jumped in.  I am very glad that I did!  What a fantastic book taking us through the lives of the Wright brothers and their amazing flying machine.  McCullough is a master at telling stories, and this story is one that I think more people should read and know about.  The determination, willpower, and patience that the Wright brothers maintained throughout their lives is nothing short of miraculous.  One can't help but read their story and be inspired by their abilities and desire to not make money, but to be successful in their endeavors.  I really enjoyed the trip back to America and France at the turn of the century, and to read about the impact and popularity of the Wright brothers at that time.  A fantastic book and highly recommended.