Review of Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno - Dan Brown

Another solid thriller from Dan Brown. I think Brown was so over-hyped with the Da Vinci Code, and then many readers decided he wasn't as good a writer that the hype led many to believe, that he is now underrated as one of many who can simply write a good thriller. His niche is connecting his mysteries to famous works from the past, and this one deals with Dante's Inferno.


The book is more or less a long-running chase scene with pauses to discuss history and some end of the world science. I think it would have grabbed me more and been more of a 4 star read if I had known more about Dante's Inferno and the famous Botticelli painting. Many of the places they visit in Florence and Venice were also unfamiliar to me so it was hard to generate excitement for the "discoveries" made along the way by Langdon.


With that said - this will be enjoyed by anyone looking for a fun read.