Review of Bush by Jean Edward Smith

Bush - Jean Edward Smith

I enjoyed reading back through a time period I remember well. I enjoyed this in-depth look at George Bush's Presidency. I think Smith was fair in that he highlighted the positives of the Bush (work with AIDS, stopping the bleeding of the financial crisis, his genuine love of country and wanting to do well) and the negatives (basically everything to do with foreign policy and leadership style). It is obvious that Smith was not a fan of Bush, and he really goes after him repeatedly for his decisions after 9/11 and with the Iraq War.

I didn't enjoy this book as much as other Smith books I have read and it took me a while to figure out why. In the narrative writing style, the quotes from Bush were almost always from press conferences, interviews, or from Bush's memoir. He didn't have any quotes from diaries and personal writings and wasn't able to make the personal connection that I was used to in his previous books. During the 8 years of the presidency, Smith rarely mentions the Bush family or Bush's relationship with his wife or children. The times he does mention the family, it is usually as a part of the campaigns. 

A good read if you want to look back at the time period but not up to Smith's usual standard.