Review of What Happened by Hillary Clinton

What Happened - Hillary Rodham Clinton

I am very excited to have read this book as I will have a chance to meet Hillary Clinton at a book signing in December.  This book had a great deal that I enjoyed, but only rated it as three stars because I felt that long parts of the story had nothing to do with the 2016 election.  While I did enjoy reading about her earlier life, I felt like I already knew that part of her story from reading her earlier books.  I really enjoyed her thoughts about the election and why she thinks it turned out the way it did.  Most reviewers allow their personal political opinions to sway their reviews, but objectively, I think she makes many plausible points.  Also, as I read in the news every day, it may quickly be realized that her warning about Trump and the Russian connections were very on point.  I recommend this for political junkies who approach it with an open mind.