Cross Country (Alex Cross Novels)

Cross Country - James Patterson The last couple of Alex Cross books were verging on a two star rating, but this one finally reached it. While acknowledging for some time that Patterson books are not great literature, I have still enjoyed flying through his books because the pages turn quickly and I have invested in his characters.

This story has Alex Cross leaving America and going to Africa to chase a brutal killer who has murdered entire families in Washington. He leaves his girlfriend and family for this, for reasons passing understanding. When in Africa, he is kidnapped and tortured many times. Somehow he always manages to escape. At one point, Patterson ran out of interesting ways to have Cross escape and when being attacked by a militia, simply says that Cross was able to fight a few off before the militia left. When Cross finally returns to America, he, wait for it, is kidnapped and tortured again. Another problem I had was that after spending the last book having Cross and Detective Bree display an almost puppy love, this book he leaves her to travel to Africa and flirt with a beautiful woman who he sleeps with, twice, but not sexually. Just really odd.

I will probably still continue the series, but my expectations are pretty low at this point.