The Romanovs: the Final Chapter

The Romanovs: The Final Chapter - Robert K. Massie I truly enjoy the way author and historian Robert Massie writes books. There is something about the way in which he tells a story that makes it easy to read and informative all at the same time. This book looks at the murder of the family of the last Czar - Nicholas II. It then follows the aftermath and what happened to the bodies. The book reads like a case of CSI and spends a lot of time examining the claims of people throughout the 20th century of being Anastasia or Alexi - the two youngest children of the Czar.

I thought a few parts of the book dragged. Specifically parts dealing with the DNA process and the infighting between the scientists. That is not to take away from Massie, but it was just not something that interested me much. I would give five stars to the parts dealing with the early history and the woman Anna Anderson.

Overall a great read. If you are interested in Russian history, this is a good book for you.