Eisenhower in War and Peace

Eisenhower in War and Peace - Jean Edward Smith A fantastic read about one of the great Americans in history. I had read very little about Eisenhower before this book, and I now realize how much I have been missing out on the knowledge of a great figure.

This book covers all of Ike's life with the first third focused on his career and rise to power, the second third on his time during World War II, and the third third on his Presidency. Ike's rise through the Army was not terribly interesting, but reading about a peace time army is not exciting by definition. I really enjoyed the World War II section (I always enjoy reading about World War II), and thought the author did an outstanding job of highlighting both the successful and failed decisions and leadership of Ike. I learned the most reading the section on his Presidency, and again thought the author was very fair in his analysis.

I know I am not saying much in this review, but I think the best compliment I can give to a book is that it makes me want to read more about the many topics it touched on.