Semper Fi (The Corps, Book 1)

Semper Fi (The Corps, Book 1) - W.E.B. Griffin Well I was very surprised by this book. The book has received countless four and five star reviews and I thought I would love it. Historical fiction about marines in the lead up to World War II? How could a guy like me not love it?

I am so disappointed by this book. I am not one of the people on these sites that finds incredibly popular books and rips them to be contrarian. I usually fall in with the masses. This book is the great exception to that rule.

First of all, there is little to no action in this book. Toward the very end we get to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the first actions in Asia, but we don't actually read about any of the events. The main characters are in and around the action, but what they do there is simply hinted at.

With that said, I realize that this book was supposed to be more about the life of a marine during this time period. To me, the book never went deep enough into the characters and many of the secondary characters were cookie-cutters. Also, if I take the book as gospel, it turns out that any woman who sees a marine wants to have sex with him immediately. That includes Chinese women, prostitutes, rich women, married women, or anyone else in between. I am not being prudish with this criticism, it just seems to be way over the top.

I may read the next in the series because all the glowing reviews can't be wrong. I will hold out hope that things pick up.