Power of the Sword (The Courtneys of Africa)

Power of the Sword - Wilbur Smith Wilbur Smith delivers again. This guy is shooting up to favorite author status for me. This is the fifth book of his I have read, and they all follow the same Courtney family of South Africa. At this point, we have entered the World War II era and the book ends just after the war.

Smith's books have it all. History, adventure, sex appeal, tough guys, and everything else you could ask for in a fun read. I understand the criticisms by people about Smith's take on African people and women, but I think the compaints are a bit over the top. Put into historical perspective, I think Smith nails it.

This particular story didn't seem to have a beginning and end like his previous stories. That would be my one complaint and the reason I only went with four stars. While I very much enjoyed the story, there was no true buildup to an ending. There were many ups and downs throughout the story, but I wish there had been more of a climax.

With that said, I am all about these books. I will be reading the next one for sure.